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2017 RNCFR

8 roles that are crucial to hosting a national championship rodeo

It takes a village of hard-working folks to put on a national championship rodeo! We want to share with you a few of the important roles that are necessary to help put on the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee. Here are 8 roles that are crucial to hosting a national championship rodeo! Meet your 2017 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo Contracted Personnel Rodeo Announcers – Bob Tallman & Roger Mooney Secretary –  Jackie Higlin Assistant Secretary – Rebecca Martindale Timers – Kim Sutton & Jennie Murray Barrelman – JJ Harrison Bullfighters – Kenny Bergeron & Scotty Spencer Pickup…

2016 RNCFR

The Rodeo Man Who Hangs Out in a Coors Can

We’ve all seen them, the men inside the barrels telling jokes between bull rides. They are clad in colorful clothing and makeup providing entertainment for the audience. But as the next rider enters the ring, a Barrelman’s job truly begins. Holding the handles inside the aluminum barrel, the Barrelman is ready at any moment to position the barrel accordingly between the bull and the rider, and is prepared to leave the barrel behind to get to the bullfighter in case there is a problem. This courageous position is not for the faint at heart, and we are proud to have…

2016 RNCFR

Between the bull and the rider you’ll often spot the bullfighter

We’ve often wondered, so we had to ask what it feels like to place yourself purposely and directly in the face of a 2,000-pound bull with no barrier. Pure adrenaline, maybe! We were fortunate enough to get some insight from our friend Cliff Maxwell who was selected to be one of your 2016 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo bullfighters. Forty-seven-year-old Cliff Maxwell, hailing from Taylor, Arizona, has been a bullfighter since 1994. In 1996 he received his Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association member card. He worked his first professional rodeo as a bullfighter at the Arizona Stock Show and Fair at…

Contracted Personnel

Just call him the pickup man, that’s what I do

Rodeo fans, meet Jason Bottoms! Nominated as the 2015 Wrangler National Finals Pickup Man of the Year, Jason also happens to be your 2016 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo pickup man! In the sport of rodeo, a pickup man carries a huge responsibility. Some of their duties include: Ensuring that the cowboys dismount safely from the livestock Maintaining the safety and well-being of the livestock in the arena Loosening or removing the flank strap from the animals so that when the animal enters the stripping chute (where the animals go after a ride), they don’t get hurt in any way…

Contracted Personnel

Meet your 2016 RNCFR Announcer… Mr. Roger Mooney

Since he was big enough to walk, Roger Mooney has been raising cattle in his hometown of Ellijay, Georgia. He still lives on the farm where he was raised with seven generations. He has, in his own words, “always been a cowboy”. You might wonder, How does a cowboy begin a career as a rodeo announcer? In 1984, Roger was a rodeo contestant competing in a college rodeo in Tifton, Georgia. Little did he know, this is where his rodeo announcing career would begin. Roger was getting ready to compete when his rodeo coach came behind the chutes to inform…

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