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2018 RNCFR

7 Things kids can do for FREE at the rodeo in Kissimmee

Doesn’t every parent long to be the hero for the day in their kids’ eyes? Maybe become the cool mom or dad for a change? Well, bring your buckaroos to the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo and score some major brownie points! The RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo is a national championship rodeo that takes place in Kissimmee, Florida, April 5-8 at the Silver Spurs Arena. Enjoy a family-friendly experience where all ages can participate. For the parents out there, we realize families are always seeking new, affordable (budget conscious) adventures, or perhaps educational activities you can treat your family…

2018 RNCFR

The Road to the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee

Perhaps you are wondering how contestants from across the US and Mexico actually make it here to Kissimmee, Florida to compete at the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo? The path for rodeo contestants to compete at the RNCFR is very different than how contestants simply enter most local rodeos. It can be a little challenging to understand the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) circuit rodeo system. Here’s a little look at the road the contestants take to get to the RNCFR in Kissimmee! The Circuit System In 1975, the PRCA created a format that divided the United States into 12…

2018 RNCFR

Find a Florida Rodeo That’s Right for You

Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, oh my! Central Florida is home to several world famous attractions. We also have many outdoor adventure activities, destination beaches, great nightlife, and shopping. But did you know, we are also home to some of the best rodeo action in the country? In Kissimmee, we host approximately 34 rodeos every year! How will you decide which rodeo is right for you and your family? We hope to share some insight to our local rodeos, what time of year they take place, and what activities you can enjoy while visiting. Kissimmee Sports Arena Rodeo –…

2017 RNCFR

Overcoming obstacles to become a national rodeo champion in Kissimmee

RC (Robert Cole) Landingham is known for being tough as nails, a dedicated hard worker, a motivator and an inspiration to many. But it hasn’t been easy for RC. Overcoming all the obstacles in his way, he went on to become a national rodeo champion in Kissimmee! At the age of 4, RC started riding sheep then graduated to calves. His stepfather, Ty Skiver, helped him get his initial start in rodeo. When he was old enough, he began riding junior bulls, then senior bulls and by the end of middle school, he was riding bareback horses—a fairly common progression…

2018 RNCFR

29 Rodeo terms you should know before your first rodeo in Kissimmee

We want to help you become a rodeo pro! In every professional sporting event, there are terms you might become familiar with that will help you understand the sport overall. For example, in baseball, you have terms like infield, outfield, batter, etc. In soccer, you have offense, defense, goals, etc. In rodeo, it can seem as though the terms are endless and a little harder, perhaps, to understand. Rodeo is a complex professional sport. Though you can watch the sport and hope that a cowboy rides for 8 seconds, there is much more behind watching that 8-second ride you might…


The life of a rodeo contestant: Late nights, long hauls and no guarantees

Traveling countless miles per year, working dawn to dusk, spending weeks away from family and loved ones, and risking your health each time you do your job without a guaranteed paycheck… Does this sound like an occupation you’d sign up for? This is the life of a cowboy or cowgirl who travels the country competing in the sport they love – rodeo. If you don’t have the heart or passion, you might as well explore another career, because at the end of the day it might be all you have left. Rodeo is unlike any other traditional sporting event. In…

2017 RNCFR

See what our fans have to say about the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo

Now that all the dust has settled after the 2017 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, we have enjoyed reading many positive reviews left by our attendees! It takes a full year’s worth of planning, dedication and teamwork to pull off a national championship rodeo like the RNCFR. Though we have plenty of room for growth in the stands, we appreciate the kind words our fans share with us. See what our fans have to say about the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo! One of our most memorable fan stories this year came from a woman named Sue Coston. Sue’s family lost…

2017 RNCFR

New national champions crowned in Kissimmee at the RAM National Circuit Finals

Whoa, Kissimmee! Wasn’t it a whirlwind of a week? From kicking off the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo with the annual Cattle Drive in Downtown Kissimmee, to the first performance of the RNCFR, our contestants visiting places around our community, hosting the Women in Rodeo Conference for the first time, the Boots and Tees annual golf tournament benefiting Snip-It, the Skirts and Spurs annual luncheon benefiting JCCF, a Tailgate Experience, Showdown Sunday, and more… We hope our fans had a blast! We realize many folks traveled a great distance to come and experience Kissimmee. We hope that no matter how…

2017 RNCFR

Meet Ryder Wright: Blazing a trail all the way to Kissimmee

He hails from the Wilderness Circuit in Utah and from a champion bloodline of rodeo competitors… Meet Ryder Wright, son of the world champion saddle bronc rider Cody Wright, brother to the reigning 2016 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo saddle bronc champion Rusty Wright, and nephew of two-time RNCFR saddle bronc champion Jesse Wright and professional rodeo competitors Jake Wright and Alex Wright. Just looking at this family’s rodeo pedigree, you can tell that it’s pretty unique. Riding saddle bronc at the age of 19, Ryder Wright is blazing a trail, making a standalone name for himself and making rodeo…

2017 RNCFR

Meet your 2017 RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo contestants

Whether they are full-time cowboys and cowgirls or weekend warriors, it takes a lot of time, energy, and effort to qualify for the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo. These contestants spend the entire year traveling the lonesome highways of the United States and Mexico, away from family and friends, to make it from one rodeo to the next. They have to pay fees to enter each rodeo, show up on time (assuming they can make it from whatever destination they were previously competing at), give each competition their best effort, and win so many local rodeos to qualify for their…

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