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Florida fans got great RNCFR experience

By KISSIMMEE, Fla. – With the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo, it’s all about the fan. The format is set up with an elimination component so that the original 24 competitors in each event are worked down to an Elite Eight and Final Four on the last night. Fans know what’s at stake with every ride...

Schneeberger ties RNCFR tie-down roping record.

Schneeberger ties RNCFR tie-down roping record

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – After a week of hitting the local tourist attractions with his girlfriend and three of his four sons, tie-down roper Jerome Schneeberger figured, “I sort of needed to win a big check.” Sometimes staring down a scary credit-card bill is all the motivation a guy needs. For Schneeberger, it was powerful enough for him to...

So, what does Kissimmee know about Rodeo?

So, what does Kissimmee know about Rodeo?

This year is the first year the RNCFR (Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo) is in Kissimmee Florida, a town known for its richness in citrus and cattle. The RNCFR was held every year from 1987-2010 in Pocatello, Idaho, before moving to Oklahoma City in March 2011, Guthrie, Oklahoma in 2014 and then to Kissimmee, Florida in...

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