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Friends help friends get to the RAM NCFR in Kissimmee

Friends help friends get to the RNCFR in Kissimmee

Friends help friends get to the RAM NCFR in Kissimmee

The sport of rodeo is near and dear to our hearts! We love promoting the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo in Kissimmee, Florida. We have been able to travel the United States meeting SO many wonderful people along the way. We’ve certainly made friends for life!

So far this year, we’ve traveled to the California Circuit Finals Rodeo, the Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo, the Wilderness Circuit Finals Rodeo, the Columbia River Circuit Finals Rodeo, and the Southeastern Circuit Finals Rodeo. We will be heading to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and the Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo. We’ve been several thousand miles, but it has all been well worth it!

Our goal has been to visit each one of the 12 circuit finals within the first three years of becoming the new home to the RAM NCFR. After December of this year, we will have attended and participated in each of the 12 circuits of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Each circuit final is truly unique. There are no two rodeos alike!

While the contestants competing are out on the road traveling non-stop during the year, they lend a helping hand to one another, whether that be catching rides together, offering to haul each other’s horses from rodeo to rodeo, splitting hotel room costs, or simply offering a place to stay in each other’s hometowns. Well, for our RAM NCFR committee, it was no different!

We want to sincerely thank each one of the circuit presidents and the committee members of each circuit. You all have played a huge role in helping us promote the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo. Each of you has taught us something that has made us better in our own roles on our committee. You’ve connected us to your local resources, fed us amazing local dishes, helped us find places to stay or hosted us in your own homes, shuttled us to and from the arenas or venues, and so much more! Though we are there working long days and many hours, it never feels like work when you are surrounded by amazing groups of people, people we call friends!

During some of our downtime in each location, we were able to explore and find some of the best-hidden treasures in each location. Things like:

We would have never known about some of the local hot spots if it weren’t for the committees!

Friends help friends get to the RNCFR in Kissimmee

Friends help friends get to the RNCFR in Kissimmee

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d like to say THANK YOU to our rodeo families near and far! You have shown us such generosity, taught us a lot, and we’d love to host you in our hometown to return the favor. We hope that each of you can come see us in Kissimmee, Florida for the upcoming RAM NCFR.

Friends help friends get to the RNCFR in Kissimmee


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